Steve’s Functional Metal Artwork PortfolioFunctional Artwork Artist Located in Columbus, Ohio

Where does functionality meet perennial beauty? Well, the whole relationship starts here, on this page. It moves forward when you commission Steve Bush to create your functional metal artwork piece. After getting touch with you for the first time, the master metalworks craftsman will schedule the arrangements to meet with you and learn the capabilities of your space and, more importantly, the artistic direction that guides you and inspiration that drives you. Together, you will conceive an extraordinary idea that will fit your space, stupefy guests and introducing new colors, shapes and concepts to your environment.

Steven thinks beyond the bounds of mass production. His works exceed the seemingly unreachable concept of “originality.” He is adamant about the exclusivity of each piece. If he’s seen it before, he will not duplicate. If Steve has built it before, he will never create it again. Your custom metal sculpture is just that. Custom. Bespoke. Unique. The void of toxic carbon copying, trite recreations and basic, boring ideas. Get in touch with the man today and have your remarkably distinct vision come to life.