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In the land of innovation and technological advancement, there’s plenty of room for the form and function that Steve Bush brings to the table. And if you let him, he’ll custom build that damn table, put your name on it, work in some intricate details along the trim and even craft the perfect chairs to match. Steve is a master metal artwork craftsman with a boundless creative vision and the steadiest hand this side of Steph Curry. Want to execute your creative vision to perfection? You’ve found the best in the business.

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If you can think it, he can build it. And if he builds it, he will never recreate it. Mr. Bush has got an in-house policy that transcends the concept of “originality.” Contact him today and almost immediately witness the unique process that he follows. He’s not out here, creating something that he thinks will be great for you and your space. No. He’s talking with you. Navigating the area. Taking in all of the elements of the environment and designing from there. Once the piece has been approved, created and flawlessly installed, he shatters the schematic. This work of art is yours and yours alone. Always admired, never replicated. That’s the expectation and the result.

An International Reputation of Resilience & EleganceCustom Luxury Artwork for Homes in California

Steven’s artistic footprint can be found all throughout the United States and even in some international spaces, as well. His headquarters may be located in Columbus, Ohio, but his reach is endless and his reputation supreme. Throughout his time in the industry, he has never once had to replace or fix an existing piece. That’s right, everything that he has made stands tall today. Weathering, fires, kids – it doesn’t matter. The brilliance of these works lasts a lifetime and speaks volumes of your affluence.

Have additional questions about Steve Bush’s process, Cali pieces or artistic philosophies? Looking to get your own commissioned piece completed? Get in touch with the man today!