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New York Metal Artworks ProducerCustom Metal Art Works Artist in New York

Meet Steve Bush – the master metalworks craftsman with a penchant for out-of-the-box ideas and a New York City mindset. His work says “Manhattan,” but his determination oozes “Brooklyn.” Regardless of the city or metaphor, Bush is the genius of his craft. He designs, builds and installs bespoke metal art pieces for spaces that would otherwise go unnoticed. A space that doesn’t inspire dialogue? That’s simply unacceptable. Let the man create your next centerpiece and never look back – except to get another passing glance.

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Demonstrating Opulence & Affluence, Without Words

Breathtaking structures when the air is filled with unoriginal creatives. That’s what you get when you commission Steve for your dream piece. This is more than just art. This is a constant showcase of elegance, wealth and personality. When you’re not around to speak for yourself, your custom tables and chairs can do the chatting for you. Want to see your brand name in lights? What about in iron? Let’s get it done. If you can picture it, Steve can make it happen. Can’t quite picture it yet? Consult with him today and flesh out your next coruscating concept.

Unique Functional Art Work, Installed With Purpose & PoiseCustom Metal Artwork for Businesses New York

Steve Bush’s work tells of a beautiful story, one in which “everyday living” falls in love with “fine art.” The two share components of each other before becoming one astounding framework. Steve believes that beauty and utility don’t have to be separated. In fact, when coupled together, they create something magical. Each functional sculpture he builds provides both a talking point for guests of all walks of life and purpose for the surrounding structural environment. All installations are performed by the artist, himself, and will stand for a lifetime.

Looking for more information regarding Steve Bush’s process, pieces in New York or additional artistic convictions? Want to get your own commissioned piece started? Get in touch with the man today!