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Your vision, brought to life through iron, fire and a whole lot of craftsmanship. That’s what you get when you commission Steve Bush to craft your custom metal sculptures. The master craftsman, himself, reveres a challenge and, with an equal amount of adoration, appreciates a unique artistic conception. Which is why he will make arrangements to meet you, in-person, and learn what you’re about, what you value most and how to make this centerpiece shine in your actual space.

No two artworks are the same. Not one of these pieces can be found on a department store shelf somewhere. Why? Because they’re made for you specifically. You and only you. Want the only 12-foot iron elephant at your gate? What about a guard-rail literally with your name on? If you can dream it, he can build it. From the intricate patterns found in the metalwork, to how the piece will actually look once installed in your space, the entire process will be executed to perfection. Flawless. Timeless. Immutable Get a bespoke metal art piece that will stand the test of time and astound any person lucky enough to come in contact with it.