Inspired by history, the Goodale Park lanterns are one of Steven’s most memorable and public works and visitors to the Columbus, Ohio park should know these 4-foot-tall lanterns were designed with the past in mind – while using techniques from the present day. And since they were made by a true professional, they’ll last well into the future.

The powder-coated steel lanterns came to be as the park was undergoing a renovation. The city architect contacted Steven and offered him a commission to build the lanterns – and he jumped at the chance. Using historical pictures of the original lanterns from the 1860s, Steven recreated the lanterns. They are now electric and not gas-powered.

The lanterns also brought Steven recognition from the Ohio Historical Society, which awarded him a certificate of merit.


Title: Lanterns
Description: Steven was sought out and engaged for unique project to replicate a historic set of lanterns from pictures. The originals were from the 1860’s.
Materials: Powder Coated Steel
Dimensions: 48″ x 24″ x 24″
Method: Fabricated and forged steel
Inspiration: Reproduction from historic pictures from the 1860’s
Client: Friends of Goodale Park and City of Columbus