Being in the art world as a working artist, Steven has a deep sense of responsibility to help bring up the next generation of working artists. Enter: The Orchid commission. Steven, a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design, knows that mentoring student artists and giving them a true taste of life as a working artist is critical for future success.

And so, when he was approached by the Harrison West Society about a commission, he decided to bring in CCAD students to work with him on the work. Over the course of six months, students helped not only design the 8’ x 12’ x 5’ Orchid, but work with Harrison West on the approval process, attending meetings and learning about how to make proposals, go in front of decision makers and more.

He was not the artist in this project; Steven was the fabricator, lending his knowledge and experience to the next generation of artists in the Central Ohio area.


Title: Orchid
Description: The Orchid is a public sculpture created in cooperation with the Columbus College of Art and Design students. It was designed by the students; Steven fabricated and installed the piece
Materials: Steel, and powder-coated aluminum
Dimensions: 5’ wide x 7’ tall x 14’ long
Method: This piece was created by the fabrication of a steel body and an aluminum sphere with an industrial powder coat.
Inspiration: Steven was inspired to do this piece because of a desire to work with young artists, mentoring them about the process of making public art
Client: City of Columbus, Ohio, and the Harrison West community