A lack of response from another metal artist had me searching the internet for a Columbus-based metal artist. Finding SmARTworks is the best thing that happened to us. From our first commission of a 10-foot wine bottle tree topped by a heron weathervane for our yard to our most recent commission of a metal powder-coated outdoor table frame to hold a granite top, working with Steven Bush is always a pleasure. He takes our ideas and translates them into a vision we could never have imagined. We consider ourselves lucky to have 9 Steven Bush originals and treasure every one of them! If you’re thinking about commissioning Steven for a piece and want to see his work, we’re happy to share them with you!

John and Ann Lodder

In the 1990’s, my husband and I asked Steve Bush to make us a coffee table. We were so enamored with the quality and uniqueness of the finished piece, we continued to ask for more items. So, for nearly 30 years, I have been decorating my home with Steve Bush freestanding metal art. I have artwork both inside my home and in my outside landscape.

We are now embarking on a new endeavor…Steve is consulting with us on finish items of the restoration of my home. Everything from items defining the theme of my areas to drawer pulls in my kitchen. We are totally in awe of his creative ideas and the executed artwork which results. Thanks, Steve!

Nancy and Steve Vargo

My son Steve is a born artist. He started drawing and creating at a young age. He learned to weld from his grandfather and father when he was about 8 years old…helping his disabled grandfather to repair farm equipment.

All that stated, I know his greatest attribute is his integrity. He is extremely honest and never neglects to follow through with his commitments and promises.

That quality along with artistic ability makes me proud of Steve as a son and a person.

Betty Bush
Steve’s mom

My name is Timothy Smith and I was first introduced to Steve through my Father, Ralph, who had commissioned Steve to create a large scale outdoor metal flower garden sculpture. Between us we have purchased over a dozen pieces consisting of both commissioned and existing art. The latest piece for my Father is a 22 ft long, 10 ft high fire-breathing metal dragon that sits atop large stones next to a pond on his rural property. It is serious – yet whimsical – art on a large scale!

From Day One, Steve has been an artist who, while certainly needing and wanting “artistic control”, has been exceptionally attentive and accommodating to his client’s visions as well. This is a rare combination that potential clients can look to when considering Steve as an artist for their projects. This trait has most definitely paid dividends for my Father and me.

Beyond the art, Steve also displays human qualities not found in the stereotype of the “brilliant but difficult to work with” artist. He has become more to my Father, myself and my wife KC than just someone who has produced something for us. He has become a true and trusted friend. I fully expect that this is true for Steve with other clients as well. It’s also important to note that Steve’s work is not just for the wealthy or the corporate who can afford monuments. He has always set a fair price for both himself and his clients for the work he produces.

An old truism about any type of work hired out to someone is this question: “ok, good work, yes, but would you hire them again?” Another old saying is “the proof is in the pudding.” Well, like I said, my Father commissioned one piece, then another, then another, my wife and I commissioned one, purchased another, then another, etc etc. Have I made my point!?!

Steve’s artistry resonates with me. I would make him a rich man if I were one myself!

Timothy Smith
Tinman Design

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