In collaboration with an ironworks company, Steven crafted a couture inspired set of driveway gates that are as beautiful as they are functional for a Bexley, Ohio home.

The gates, 12-foot tall by 12-foot wide, are all steel and powder coated and were built with one goal in mind: To create a beautiful and solid gate that will last generations, welcoming friends and family to this gracious home.

Steven said the project brought a sense of humility to his work because he was given the opportunity to work in tandem with other talented iron workers on the commission.

The home was built in a Spanish style with a terra cotta roof, and Steven worked to design gates that mirrored that aesthetic – and was commissioned to forge a front door to compliment the gates, as well.


Title: Gates
Description: These gates were designed and build in collaboration with an iron works company. They were made to complement a spanish style custom home with a terra cotta roof.
Materials: Fabricated Steel
Dimensions: 12″ by 12″
Method: Fabricated Steel
Inspiration: Wanted to match the architecture and aesthetic of a Spanish style custom home.
Client: Anonymous