Artist Statement

With each commissioned metal sculpture, Steven Bush knows he is bringing an investment in beauty, functionality and lifestyle to clients, who want something unique in their indoor and outdoor spaces.

As a third-generation ironworker, Steven has combined his artistic talent and traditional techniques to create ornamental and functional ironwork. This fusion of contemporary art with centuries-old methods forms pieces that stand the test of time and yet are modern and fresh.

Steven grew up believing that things should be fixed and not replaced and that durability mindset of building things to last has infused his art and process from the beginning.

He has immersed himself in honing his technique while learning all he could about metalworking.  Apprenticing with jewelers, blacksmiths, and fabrication shops inevitably led to his own studios.

His artist’s soul and deeply engrained work ethic are what Steven credits with his longevity and success as an artist, driving him to keep making beautiful and durable pieces for his clients.

Whether he’s commissioned for an entry gate, a fire pit, or a large-scale piece of outdoor art, Steven will design and create something that will fill a space in a home, office or garden that reflects true craftsmanship – not another cookie-cutter piece.

For clients seeking art that truly stands out, Steven’s visionary skills are second to none.

Featured Projects