Art pays the bills, Steven will tell people, and that is true about all his works – but his large flower pieces really helped SmARTworks stay afloat during the recession in 2008. Steven began fabricating lilies at the request of a client who loved the blooms, using powder coated steel in any color the client desired.

Once word spread, Steven and his team created flowers of every variety, shape, color and size, selling them to private collectors in many locales. People enjoyed these fantastical large-scale blooms, and it helped him promote and advertise his art in a time when many people had stopped requesting commissions.

Steven estimates that he and his team made more than 500 flowers – however, he no longer makes them, saying the blush is off the rose. He continues to be grateful for the flowers that helped him keep his business afloat during that time.


Title: Flowers
Description: This was part of a series of flower projects which began with sunflowers made for a condominum project for the Edwards Company. This then resulted in several floral design sculptures.
Materials: Fabricated Steel
Dimensions: 13′ by 4′ by 3′
Method: Hand fabrication
Inspiration: A series of flower pieces
Client: Anonymous